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Our key areas of competence are white-collar crime, corporate intelligence, competitive intelligence and compliance.

White-collar crime

Every business can be a target of criminal activities (brand- and product piracy, theft, embezzlement, fraud, bribery etc.). Apart from material damages the reputation of a business can severely suffer as well.

We are professionals in handling cases of white-collar crime. Our main objective is to exonerate your business and to secure evidence which can be used in a court of law before said evidence is no longer available.

Each and every step in the investigations will be closely coordinated with our clients. Upon termination of the investigations our clients will be informed of the civil and / or criminal consequences regarding our investigations.

Corporate Intelligence

We offer business tailored investigations and analyses in this area. The gathering and evaluation of background investigations is a key element.

Our goal is to support senior management in their decision-making process and to provide them with tailored, verified facts for the assessment of complex business-related matters.

Among our standard assignments are background checks of business partners (supplier background checks, joint ventures, asset investigations) and staff (recruitment background checks, corruption, data theft). Moreover we support you in the protection of intellectual property (brand- and product piracy, patent infringements). For lawsuits or out-of-court settlements we can provide you with investigations and in-depth analyses as well as the gathering of critical data / evidence.

Competitive Intelligence

We supply our clients with case relevant data regarding markets and competitors. We are not limited to data-based research but know how to obtain the real hard data by undercover investigations.

Thanks to this first-hand information you are able to adjust your risk profile.


The launch of compliance guidelines is no longer at the discretion of senior management. The regulatory framework is determined by law and responsibilities to owner or shareholders.

Preventive measures have to be adapted accordingly. In light of potential losses which result from compliance violations we strongly recommend to pursue these kind of cases and to rigorously sanction any misconduct.

Only by applying this procedure will senior management meet their responsibilities.

Engaging in foreign markets is subject to potential risks for businesses due to different cultural norms and business mentalities. The values of western companies often differs significantly from those of businesses in developing countries or emerging markets. Business from industrialized countries realize this difference especially in terms of white-collar crime (e.g. corruption / bribery).

We support businesses in the implementation and compliance of corresponding guidelines which are in line with national law (UK Bribery Act, US FCPA) as well as corporate ethical standards. Our solutions and investigative strategies certainly take into account the specific corporate environment such as the size of the company, industry, ranking as well as other specific risk factors. Our customized solutions guarantee our clients utmost efficiency, impartiality and discretion.